8-bit General Purpose JB, JG, JT and JW MCUs

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  • High-performance M68HC08 architecture
  • Fully Upward-Compatible Object Code with M6805, M146805, and M68HC05 Families
  • Up to 1024 bytes of on-chip random-access memory (RAM)
  • Up to 8,192 bytes of Read Only Memory (ROM)
  • Up to 16,384 bytes of on-chip FLASH memory
  • FLASH program memory security
  • Up to 8-MHz internal bus frequency
  • Up to 37 general-purpose 3.3V input/output (I/O) pins
  • Two 16-bit, 2-channel timer interface modules (TIM1 and TIM2) with selectable input capture, output compare, PWM capability on each channel, and external clock input option

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