8-bit General Purpose with CAN GZ MCUs

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  • High-performance M68HC08 architecture optimized for C-compilers
  • Fully upward-compatible object code with M146805, and M68HC05 Families
  • Up to 2048 bytes of random-access memory (RAM)
  • Up to 60 KB of on-chip FLASH memory
  • 8-MHz internal bus frequency
  • Up to 24 channels of 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Clock Generation Module (CGM) supporting 1-MHz to 8-MHz crystals
  • In-system programming (ISP)
  • MSCAN08 (NXP® scalable controller area network) controller (implementing 2.0b protocol as defined in BOSCH specification dated September 1991)
  • System protection features: Optional computer operating properly (COP) reset, Low-voltage detection with optional reset and selectable trip points for 3.3-V and 5.0-V operation, Illegal opcode detection with reset and Illegal address detection with reset

Part numbers include: MC68908GZ16CFJE, MC68908GZ16MFJE, MC68908GZ16VFJE, MC68908GZ8CFAE, MC68908GZ8CFJE, MC68908GZ8MFAE, MC68908GZ8VFAE, MC68908GZ8VFJE, MC908GZ16CFAE, MC908GZ16MFAE, MC908GZ32CFAE, MC908GZ32CFUE, MC908GZ32MFAE, MC908GZ32MFUE, MC908GZ32VFAE, MC908GZ48CFUE, MC908GZ60CFAE, MC908GZ60CFUE, MC908GZ60MFAE, MC908GZ60MFUE, MC908GZ60VFAE, MC908GZ60VFUE, S908GZ16E0CFAE, S908GZ32E1MFUE, S908GZ32H0CFJE, S908GZ32H0MFAE, S908GZ32H0MFUE, S908GZ48H0MFAE, S908GZ60E1CFAE, S908GZ60E1MFAE, S908GZ60E1MFJE, S908GZ60E1VFAE, S908GZ60H0CFAE, S908GZ60H0CFJE, S908GZ60H0CFUE, S908GZ60H0MFAE.


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