S08D: 8-bit Cost-Effective with CAN D MCUs

Automotive and Industrial CAN Applications

Areas of CAN Possibilities

Specific Applications

Passenger vehicle

Motor control, power door, power sunroof, power lift gate, door modules, HVAC, low-end body controller (lighting, network communication)

Passenger occupant detection, electronic parking brake

Vacuum leak detection, electronic throttle control, watchdog

Watchdog, motor control

Factory automation 

Conveyors, production data recording, end-user configurable systems, off-the-shelf plug-and-play capability

Industrial machine control 

Textile machines, printing machines, injection molding machines, or packaging machines

Building automation 

Manage heating, cooling, lighting, air ventilation, doors, alarm system control, sprinkler systems, backstage control systems, studio equipment including audio and video control for railway stations, school building, deep-freezers and refrigerators in some super-markets

Non-industrial equipment 

Communicate data between microscopes and other laboratory equipment, use in boilers and solar power systems, measurement systems such as petrol pump stations

Medical equipment and devices 

Operating room management, X-ray machines, patient beds, hospital control systems with voltage control, indication and control units, multi cube power meters and digital I/O, and visualization software are networked via CAN

Non-industrial control 

Vending machines, automatic teller machines (ATM), gambling machines (e.g. Japanese Patchinko machines), bank terminals, copy machines, printers

Lifts and escalators

Panels, controller, doors, drives, light barriers, etc. are linked to each other and controlled via CAN

Trucks and busses 

Power-train applications, communication between truck and trailer

Off-highway and off-road vehicles 

Position sensing, add-on sub-systems such as harvester, cranes, etc

Passenger and cargo trains 

Linking the door units or brake controllers, passenger information system connecting inside and outside displays, ticket validation devices, acoustic output devices, passenger counting units and other peripheral sub-systems

Maritime electronics 

Boats, ships and vessels as embedded network