S08JM: 8-bit USB Cost-Effective JM MCUs

USB-MINI stack for S08JM Family

The USB-MINI Stack by NXP provides USB device which supports the 8-bit JM family. The USB-MINI Stack is highly optimized for smallest foot print HID class and enables an embedded USB Bootloader function. For JM60, the USB-MINI Stack supports HID class and some general applications. You can download the USB-MINI stack code in the following application notes software file: AN3560SW, AN3561SW, AN3564SW.

The following JM60 demos are based on mini-USB stack;

  •   1)   HID class (AN3560)
  •   2)   Mass-storage class (DRM104)
  •   3)   Vendor-defined class (AN3561, AN3582, AN3564)
USB mini-stack for S08JM Family dd dd dd dd dd

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