MPC8358E: PowerQUICC® II Pro Processor with DDR2, TDM, PCI, Security, USB, QUICC Engine® with 1 GB Ethernet, UTOPIA




Target Applications

Secure Transaction and Retail Payments

  1. POS Printer

QUICC Engine Product Comparison

MPC8358E MPC8360E
CPU e300 e300
I-Cache/D-Cache (KB) 32/32 32/32
Available clock frequencies Up to 400 MHz Up to 667 MHz
QUICC Engine 2 x RISC core 2 x RISC core
Available clock frequencies Up to 400 MHz Up to 500 MHz
Ethernet Up to 2 x 10/100/1,000
Up to 6 x 10/100
Up to 2 x 10/100/1,000
Up to 8x 10/100
MPHY Single 31/128 port 128 per UTOPIA port
POS Yes Yes
TDM Up to 4 TDM interfaces (QMC)
Up to 256 channels at 16 Mbps on a single interface
Up to four clear channel T3/E3
Up to 8 TDM interfaces (MCC)
Up to 256 channels at 16 Mbps on a single interface
Up to eight clear channel T3/E3
Memory controller 1 x 32/64-bit DDR 1 x 32/64-bit or 2 x 32-bit DDR
Local bus Yes Yes
PCI One 32-bit (up to 66 MHz) One 32-bit (up to 66 MHz)
Integrated security engine* Yes Yes
I 2C controller 2 2
SPI 2 2
USB Yes Yes
Interrupt controller Yes Yes
Package options 740 TBGA
668 PBGA
740 TBGA

Complementary products for your application

e300 System-on-a-Chip Platform

The MPC8358E PowerQUICC II Pro family is based on the e300 system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform. This makes it easy and fast to add or remove functional blocks and develop additional SoC-based family members for emerging markets. At the heart of the e300 SoC platform is Our e300 core built on Power Architecture technology. The e300 core is an enhanced version of the 603e core used in previous-generation PowerQUICC II processors.

Enhancements include twice as much L1 cache (32 KB data cache and 32 KB instruction cache) with integrated parity checking and other performance-enhancing features. The e300 core is software-compatible with existing 603e core-based products.


The MPC8360E processor is designed to support a wide range of communications interfaces, such as MII, RMII, GMII, TBI, RTBI, NMSI, UTOPIA, POS and TDM. The DDR memory controller helps to ensure high-speed memory access and a local system bus operating up to 133 MHz. Additional system connectivity is supplied by dual UART, dual inter-integrated circuit (I2C), dual serial peripheral interface (SPI), PCI interfaces and Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface (USB 2.0 full-/low-speed compatible).

Integrated Security The MPC8360E and MPC8358E processors feature integrated security with the powerful integrated security engine derived from Our security coprocessor product line. Integrated security supports DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1, AES and ARC-4 encryption algorithms, as well as a public key accelerator and an on-chip random number generator. The integrated security engine is capable of single-pass encryption and authentication, as required by IPsec, the IEEE® 802.11i standard and other security protocols.

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