Power Management

Experience design freedom through our advanced power technologies and global development support. Our broad portfolio covers everything from the smallest MOSFETs for mobile phones to dedicated power management ICs for DVD+RW applications.

AC-to-DC Solutions

Including AC-to-DC controllers, AC-to-DC controllers with PFC, and secondary side controllers.

Battery Management

Including Li-ion/Li-polymer battery chargers and battery sensors.

DC-to-DC Solutions

We offer a highly integrated and cost-effective products for DC-to-DC power conversion.

Lighting Driver and Controller ICs

Offering solutions with proven reliability and best-in-class performance for efficiency, line regulation, and integration.

Linear Voltage Regulators

Includes low dropout, DDR, and multiple output device families.

Load Switches

Logic controlled high-side load switches to manage the distribution of power in application sub-systems to significantly reduce total power dissipation.

Load Switches and Drivers

A selection of switching and driver solutions for related power management applications.

Motor Drivers

For gas and diesel engine control, electric motor control, H-bridge, as well as stepper and motor drivers.


Advanced levels of configurability and programmability in a system level PMIC solution.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Transmits data and operating power over existing Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 LAN cables, allows Wireless LAN access points, IP phones, and IP cameras.

Switching Regulator

High-efficiency synchronous buck-boost regulators offer protection and a compact design.

System Basis Chip (SBC)

Our SBC family featuring SMARTMOS technology supports linear voltage regulation, controlled through an SPI interface.

Wireless Charging ICs

Including solutions from low-power 5 Watt to medium-power 15 Watt with wireless charge controller functionality and additional IOs.