Ultra-Reliable MPC564xB-C MCU for Automotive and Industrial Control Applications


Block Diagram

MPC564xB-C Microcontroller Block Diagram

MPC564xB-C Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • High-performance dual-core options
    • e200z4 up to 120 MHz
    • e200z0 up to 80 MHz
  • Flash: Up to 3 MB
  • EEPROM: 64 KB DataFlash®
  • RAM: Up to 256 KB
  • CSE: Security module for transmission of information in a secure and trusted manner between parties
  • Timer: 16 bits—up to 64 channels
  • ADC: 10- and 12-bit
  • Ethernet
  • FlexRayTM
  • 10 LINFlex
  • Eight DSPI
  • Six FlexCAN
  • Scalability and compatibility with the MPC560xB/C family of products

Part numbers include: EPC5646CCF0MMJ1, SPC5644BCF0VLU8, SPC5644BF0MLU1, SPC5644BF0MLU8, SPC5644BF0MMJ1, SPC5644BF0VLU1, SPC5644CCF0MMJ1, SPC5644CF0MLT1, SPC5644CF0MLU1, SPC5644CF0MMJ1, SPC5644CF0VLU1, SPC5645BCF0VLU1, SPC5645BF0MLU1, SPC5645BF0VLT1, SPC5645BF0VLU1, SPC5645CF0MLT1, SPC5645CF0MLU1, SPC5645CF0MMJ1, SPC5646BCF0VLU1, SPC5646BCF0VLU8, SPC5646BF0MLU1, SPC5646BF0MMJ1, SPC5646CCF0MLT1, SPC5646CCF0MLU1, SPC5646CCF0VLU1, SPC5646CCF0VMJ1, SPC5646CF0MLT1, SPC5646CF0MLU1, SPC5646CF0MMJ1, SPC5646CF0VLU1, SPC5646CF0VMJ1.


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