Ultra-Reliable MPC560xP MCU for Automotive and Industrial Safety Applications


Block Diagram

MPC560XP Microcontroller Block Diagram

MPC560XP Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • Power Architecture industry standard processor
  • Cross triggering unit that manages sample timing and off-loads the CPU
  • Fault collection unit, which monitors and manages fault events
  • Robust, high-speed communication with FlexRay™ and CAN/safety port
  • Error correction code (ECC) on RAM and flash to correct memory errors
  • High precision PWM
  • eTimer x 2
  • ADC x 2
  • Up to 2 x PLL
  • This product is included in our product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch

Part numbers include: GPC5603PEF1MLL6, GPC5604PF1VLQ6, SPC5601PEF0MLH6, SPC5601PEF0MLL6, SPC5601PEF0VLH6, SPC5602PEF0MLH6, SPC5602PEF0MLL6, SPC5602PEF0VLH6, SPC5602PEF0VLL6, SPC5603PEF1MLL4, SPC5603PF1VLL6, SPC5604PEF1MLL4, SPC5604PEF1MLL6, SPC5604PEF1MLQ6, SPC5604PEF1VLL6, SPC5604PEF1VLQ6, SPC5604PF1VLL6, SPC5604PGF1MLL6, SPC5604PGF1MLQ6, SPC5604PGF1VLL6, SPC5604PGF1VLQ6.


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