Multi-Channel PMIC for Automotive Applications

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Block Diagram


PF5030 Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Up to three high-efficiency buck converters - support dual-phase and DVS capability
  • Two linear regulators with load switch options
  • Watchdog timer/monitor
  • Monitoring circuit to fit ASIL B/D safety level
  • One-time programmable device configuration
  • 1.0 MHz I2C communication interface
  • Automotive grade 1
  • 40-pin 6 x 6 QFN package

System Features

  • OTP (one-time programmable) memory for flexible device configuration
  • Frequency spread spectrum
  • Fast PMIC startup
  • Advanced state machine for seamless processor interface
  • Up to fast mode plus I2C interface support (up to 1.0 MHz)
  • PGOOD monitor
  • Programmable soft start sequence and power down sequence
  • Programmable regulator configuration
  • 20 channel analog multiplexer for smart system monitoring/diagnostic

Monitoring Circuit to Fit ASIL B/D Safety Level

  • Independent circuits to fit ASIL B/D safety level
  • Independent voltage monitoring with programmable fault protection
  • Advanced thermal monitoring and protection
  • External watchdog monitoring and programmable internal watchdog count
  • I2C CRC and write protection mechanism
  • Analog and logic built-in self-test (ABIST/LBIST)


  • Supplies, sequencing and specific functions can be programmed by one time programmable (OTP) memory
  • Standard predefined OTP supporting popular MCU can be found in data sheet under “ordering information” chapter
  • During development phase, customized OTP part can be programmed using the KITPF5030SKTEVM board
  • Custom OTP can be provided for production. Please contact your NXP local sales office

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BYLink System Power Platform

This platform facilitates the design of safe power management systems thanks to a portfolio of configurable and linkable devices. It simplifies complex power supply subsystems into a single smart solution.


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