2110-2200 MHz, 87 W Avg., 30 V Airfast® RF Power LDMOS Transistor


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Product Details


  • Advanced high performance in-package Doherty
  • Designed for wide instantaneous bandwidth applications
  • Greater negative gate-source voltage range for improved Class C operation
  • Able to withstand extremely high output VSWR and broadband operating conditions
  • Designed for digital predistortion error correction systems
  • RoHS compliant

Part numbers include: A3T21H456W23S.

RF Performance Table

2100 MHz

Typical Doherty Single-Carrier W-CDMA Performance: VDD = 30 Vdc, IDQA = 800 mA, VGSB = 0.35 Vdc, Pout = 87 W Avg., Input Signal PAR = 9.9 dB @ 0.01% Probability on CCDF.
Frequency Gps
Output PAR
2110 MHz14.849.58.0–30.3
2140 MHz15.348.98.0–31.1
2170 MHz15.548.67.8–31.3
2200 MHz15.547.97.7–32.0


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