MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK)


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MCUXpresso-SDK Block Diagram

MCUXpresso-SDK Block Diagram


  • Arm® CMSIS-CORE startup and device header files and CMSIS-DSP standard libraries
  • Open-source peripheral drivers that provide stateless, high-performance, easy-to-use APIs
  • Drivers for communication peripherals also include high-level transactional APIs for high-performance data transfers and RTOS wrappers that leverage native RTOS services to better comply with the RTOS cases
  • High-quality software: all drivers and startup code are MISRA-C: 2004 compliant and checked with Coverity® static analysis tools
  • Real-time operation systems (RTOS) kernels pre-integrated: Azure® RTOS ThreadX and FreeRTOS
  • Enabling software technologies (stacks and middleware) from NXP and partners including:
    • Graphics and HMI
    • Audio and voice processing
    • Cloud connectivity
    • Motor control
    • Security
    • Storage
    • eIQ® Machine Learning
    • Wireless and wired connectivity
    • Functional safety
    • And more
  • Software examples demonstrating the usage of peripheral drivers, RTOS wrapper drivers, middleware and RTOSes
  • Free to use Azure RTOS middleware on select platforms, including USBX, GUIX, FileX, LevelX and NetX Duo
  • Also available as CMSIS Device Family Pack

Supported Devices

Supported Toolchains

All driver examples and most application examples are provided with projects for the following toolchains:

  • MCUXpresso IDE
  • GNU toolchain for Arm® Cortex® -M with Cmake build system
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Keil MDK-Arm

MCUXpresso Software and Tools

Other SDKs for Kinetis and LPC MCUs


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  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    MCUXpresso SDK - SDK Builder

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