Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs)

Our Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) provide highly integrated, high-performance power management solutions for a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Consumer and Industrial markets. With integration of power management, system control, battery management, interface and audio functions, as well as other system specific functions, the PMICs are designed to offer optimum integration for a wide range of devices. Leveraging high-performance process technologies, our PMIC's offer high-efficiency solutions designed to extended battery life and reduce power dissipation.

The new PF series of PMICs brings advanced levels of configurability and programmability in a system level PMIC solution, enabling a single device to be easily configured to provide power to a wide range of processors and peripherals. One Time Programmable (OTP) memory is used to store the configuration without the need for external memory devices. The series includes a number of devices with integration levels specifically tied to various end applications.

Standard Key Features: highly integrated, high-performance, power management solutions.
Products Device Functions Package Type Package Termination Count Battery Charger Interface and Input Control Ambient Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C) Automotive
PMIC for i.MX Application Processors
High Speed CAN applications
PMICs for i.MX processors, configurable PMICs TFBGA139, LFBGA186, HVQFN48 48 Li-ion, coin cell I2C -40 to 85
PMIC for Networking Processors
Platform-level Solutions
DC/DC regulator, PMIC, PMICs for LS1 processors 1LS1020A, LS1021A, LS1022A, LS1023A, LS1043, T1012, T1023 56 coin cell I2C -40 to 105
Configurable PMICs (PF Series)
Configurability and Programmability
PMICs for i.MX processors, configurable PMICs HVQFN48 48 coin cell I2C -40 to 85

What's New


VR5100 - Multi-output DC/DC regulator

High Performance for Low Power LS1 Communication Processors.


PF3000 PMICs

Combine 12-Channel PF3000 PMICs with i.MX applications processors.


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