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  • Pin compatibility to the PCA82C200 stand-alone CAN controller
  • Electrical compatibility to the PCA82C200 stand-alone CAN controller
  • PCA82C200 mode (BasicCAN mode is default)
  • Extended receive buffer (64-byte FIFO)
  • CAN 2.0B protocol compatibility (extended frame passive in PCA82C200 compatibility mode)
  • Supports 11-bit identifier as well as 29-bit identifier
  • Bit rates up to 1 Mbits/s
  • PeliCAN mode extensions:

    - Error counters with read/write access

    - Programmable error warning limit

    - Last error code register

    - Error interrupt for each CAN-bus error

    - Arbitration lost interrupt with detailed bit position

    - Single-shot transmission (no re-transmission)

    - Listen only mode (no acknowledge, no active error flags)

    - Hot plugging support (software driven bit rate detection)

    - Acceptance filter extension (4-byte code, 4-byte mask)

    - Reception of ?own? messages (self reception request)

  • 24 MHz clock frequency
  • Interfaces to a variety of microprocessors
  • Programmable CAN output driver configuration
  • Extended ambient temperature range (-40 to +125 °C).


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    AN10674 - CAN driver with FullCAN mode

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