Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, LX2080A Processors

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Block Diagram

Layerscape LX2160A Block Diagram

Layerscape LX2160A Block Diagram


  • 16 Cortex-A72 CPU cores, running up to 2.2 GHz
  • 18 MB cache/on-chip memory
  • 24 SerDes lanes, operating up to 25 GHz
  • Up to 16 Ethernet ports
  • Supported Ethernet speeds include 1, 2.5, 10, 25, 40, 50, and 100 gigabits per second
  • 114 Gbps Layer 2 Ethernet switch
  • Up to 24 PCIe Gen3 lanes, supporting ports as wide as x8
  • 50 Gbps security accelerator
  • 100 Gbps data compression/decompression engine
  • Proven certifiable to the Arm SystemReady ES  standard to ensure interoperability with standard operating systems and hypervisors.

Part numbers include: LX2080CA72232B, LX2080CC72232B, LX2080SC71826B, LX2080SC72029B, LX2080SC72232B, LX2080SE71826B, LX2080SE72029B, LX2080SE72232B, LX2080SN71826B, LX2080SN72029B, LX2080SN72232B, LX2080XC71826B, LX2080XC72029B, LX2080XC72232B, LX2080XE71826B, LX2080XE72029B, LX2080XE72232B, LX2080XN71826B, LX2080XN72029B, LX2080XN72232B, LX2120CA72232B, LX2120CC72232B, LX2120SC71826B, LX2120SC72029B, LX2120SC72232B, LX2120SE71826B, LX2120SE72029B, LX2120SE72232B, LX2120SN71826B, LX2120SN72029B, LX2120SN72232B, LX2120XC71826B, LX2120XC72029B, LX2120XC72232B, LX2120XE71826B, LX2120XE72029B, LX2120XE72232B, LX2120XN71826B, LX2120XN72029B, LX2120XN72232B, LX2160CA72232B, LX2160CC72232B, LX2160SC71826B, LX2160SC72029B, LX2160SC72232B, LX2160SE71826B, LX2160SE72029B, LX2160SE72232B, LX2160SN71826B, LX2160SN72029B, LX2160SN72232B, LX2160XC71826B, LX2160XC72029B, LX2160XC72232B, LX2160XE71826B, LX2160XE72029B, LX2160XE72232B, LX2160XN71826B, LX2160XN72029B, LX2160XN72232B.

Layerscape LX2 Family Comparison Table

LX2160A LX2120A LX2080A
Cores 16 12 8
L2 cache 8MB 6MB 8MB
SerDes 24
PCIe Up to 6x Gen3
DDR 2x DDR4, Up to 3200MT/s, 256GB capacity
Plat cache + PEB 10MB
WRIOP 16 simultaneous MACs; combos of up to 16x 1GE, 10x 1/2.5/10GE, 6x 25GE, or 2x 40/50/100GE; L2 switching up to 114Gbps
SEC Up to 50Gbps
DCE Up to 100Gbps
Package 40 x 40 mm, 1517 pins


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