MCF51EM256 32-Bit MCU for Smart Meter Applications

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Block Diagram

ColdFire MCF51EM Microcontroller Block Diagram

ColdFire MCF51EM Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • 32-bit V1 ColdFire® CPU offering 47 MIPS at 50 MHz 3.3-volt single supply
  • Up to 256 KB flash (dual bank)
  • Up to 16 KB SRAM
  • Low-power operation mode
  • 4 x 16-bit segmentation and reassembly (SAR) ADC
  • 288 segment LCD driver
  • Up to 50 general purpose input/output (GPIO)
  • Integrated real-time clock (RTC)
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Background debug mode (BDM) for in-circuit debugging
  • The MCF51EM256 is included in NXP®.s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch


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