S32K3 Microcontrollers for General Purpose

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S32K3 Family Features Part 1

S32K3 Family Features Part 1

S32K3 Family Features Part 2

S32K3 Family Features Part 2

S32K3 Family Features Part 3

S32K3 Family Features Part 3

S32K3 Software Ecosystem

S32K3 Software Ecosystem


Scalable single platform

  • Single, multiple or lockstep Cortex-M7 cores, 120-240 MHz + FPU
  • 512 KB-8 MB Flash with ECC
  • FOTA – A/B firmware swap with zero downtime and roll-back support. Automatic address translation
  • 12-bit 1 Msps ADC, 16-bit eMIOS timer with logic control unit for motor control
  • Low-power run and standby modes, fast wake-up, clock and power gating
  • MaxQFP and BGA packages
  • AEC-Q100 qualified Grade 1: -40 to 125 ° C

Safety, security and connectivity

  • ISO 26262 up to ASIL B/D
  • Fault Collection and Control Unit
  • Hardware and software watchdogs, clock/power/temperature monitors
  • Safety documentation and SafeAssure community support
  • HSE security engine - AES-128/192/256, RSA, ECC, secure boot and key storage; side channel protection; ISO 21434 intended
  • Ethernet TSN/AVB (100 Mbps/1 Gbps), I3C, CAN FD, FlexIO (SPI/IIC/IIS/SENT protocol), serial audio interface, QSPI

Production-grade software

  • S32 Design Studio IDE – Eclipse, GCC and debugger, 3rd party support
  • Real-Time Drivers – free of charge (AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR), ASIL-D compliant
  • Security firmware – NXP provided, field upgradeable
  • S32 Safety Software Framework (SAF) and Structural Core Self-Test (SCST) library
  • Safety Peripheral Drivers
  • Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT) for MATLAB®
  • Inter-Platform Communication Framework (IPCF)

Software Offering

Tools Reference Software Standard Software Premium Software

S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform

FreeMASTER Run-TIme Debugging Tool

Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT)


LIN Stack

TCP/IP Stack

Real-Time Drivers (RTD)

Inter-Platform Comms Framework (IPCF)

HSE Standard Firmware

Safety Peripheral Drivers

S32 Safety Software Framework (SAF) for S32K3xx

Structural Core Self Test (SCST)

HSE Premium Firmware


SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

When it comes to functional safety, NXP stands for quality and reliability. Our SafeAssure program simplifies system-level safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262.
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