CW-PA: CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture® Technology (Eclipse) v10.5.1



CodeWarrior® Power Architecture

CodeWarrior<sup>&#174;</sup> Power Architecture

Supported Devices

System Requirements

  • Windows® 7 SP1 or later systems. Includes 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Redhat 64-bit: Latest LTS version or within four months of LTS release.
  • Ubuntu 64-bit OS: Supports the latest LTS version or within four months of LTS release.

** Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP. NXP recommends that all customers upgrade their operating systems as recommended by Microsoft.

Note: Other Linux distributions could be used, but will likely require more manual identification and installation of missing, required libraries.

Support Policy

For a comprehensive list of devices supported by CodeWarrior for Power Architecture 10, and which service packs may be required for these devices, please see the table below

Getting Started with CodeWarrior

How to Videos (Licensing)

List of our most frequently asked questions in regards to licensing and registration of CodeWarrior products.

Please contact NXP support for any additional questions or problems regarding your CodeWarrior product. If you need to register or obtain a license for your CodeWarrior product, please visit the CodeWarrior License Information section.

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