136-941 MHz, 6.0 W, 7.5 V Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistor

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  • Characterized for Operation from 136 to 941 MHz
  • Unmatched Input and Output Allowing Wide Frequency Range Utilization
  • Integrated ESD Protection
  • Integrated Stability Enhancements
  • Wideband — Full Power Across the Band
  • Exceptional Thermal Performance
  • Extreme Ruggedness
  • High Linearity for: TETRA, SSB
  • RoHS Compliant
  • In Tape and Reel. T1 Suffix = 1000 Units, 16 mm Tape Width, 7-inch Reel.
  • Output Stage VHF Band Handheld Radio
  • Output Stage UHF Band Handheld Radio
  • Output Stage for 700-800 MHz Handheld Radio

RF Performance Tables

Narrowband Performance

(7.5 Vdc, IDQ = 100 mA, TA = 25°C, CW)

Wideband Performance

(7.5 Vdc, TA = 25°C, CW)

Ruggedness, 520 MHz

1. Measured in 520 MHz narrowband test circuit.
2. Measured in 440-520 MHz UHF broadband reference circuit.
3. Measured in 760-870 MHz UHF broadband reference circuit.


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Design Files

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  • Models

    RF High Power Model ADS Model Kit goto: Click the Download button to select.

  • Models

    AFT05MS006N RF High-Power Model ADS Product Model Design Kit

  • Models

    AFT05MS006NT1 S-Parameters

  • Models

    AFT05MS006N RF High-Power Model AWR Product Model Design Kit

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    AFT05MS006N 760-870 MHz Broadband PCB DXF file

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