1800 W CW over 1.8-400 MHz, 65 V Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistor

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  • Low thermal resistance version of MRFX1K80H using NXP's OM-1230 over-molded plastic package
  • Based on new 65 V LDMOS technology, designed for ease of use
  • Characterized from 30 to 65 V for extended power range
  • Unmatched input and output
  • High breakdown voltage for enhanced reliability and higher efficiency architectures
  • High drain-source avalanche energy absorption capability
  • High ruggedness. Handles 65:1 VSWR.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Industrial, scientific, medical (ISM)
    • Laser generation
    • Plasma generation
    • Particle accelerators
    • MRI, RF ablation and skin treatment
    • Industrial heating, welding and drying systems
  • Radio and VHF TV broadcast
  • Aerospace
    • HF communications
    • Radar

Part numbers include: MRFX1K80GN, MRFX1K80N, MRFX1K80N-230MHZ, MRFX1K80N-88MHZ.

RF Performance Tables

Typical Performance

Signal Type VDD
87.5-108 (1,2)CW601670 CW23.883.5
230 (3)Pulse
(100 µsec, 20% Duty Cycle)
651800 Peak24.475.7

Load Mismatch/Ruggedness

Signal Type VSWR Pin
230(3) Pulse
(100 µsec, 20% Duty Cycle)
> 65:1 at all Phase Angles 14 Peak
(3 dB Overdrive)
65 No Device Degradation
1. Measured in 87.5-108 MHz broadband reference circuit.
2. The values shown are the center band performance numbers across the indicated frequency range.
3. Measured in 230 MHz narrowband production test fixture.


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