Rapid Embedded Development with LPCXpresso

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LPCXpresso: Jumpstarting Your NXP® MCU Project Development

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LPCXpresso IDE

LPCXpresso IDE

Multicore debugging

Multicore debugging



Instruction Trace

Instruction Trace

LPCXpresso Introduction

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Supported Devices

Target Applications

Platform support

LPCXpresso IDE is supported on the following OS environments :

  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS X 10.8 and later
  • Linux (recent Ubuntu and Fedora distributions)

LPCXPRESSO: A Complete Development Platform

The LPCXpresso IDE is part of NXP’s comprehensive LPCXpresso development platform designed to give developers an easy, low-cost way to create high-quality applications using LPC MCUs. Low-cost LPCXpresso development boards, available for most LPC MCU series, work with the LPCXpresso IDE or with common partner toolchains for quick evaluation, prototyping and development.

The LPCXpresso IDE can be used with any LPC MCU-based target systems. For an up-to-date list of LPCXpresso development boards, visit LPCXpresso Boards.

Free and Pro Editions

A full-featured Free edition of the LPCXpresso IDE is free to use for all LPC customers. A Pro edition offers additional feature extensions and email-based support on the use of LPCXpresso IDE. Licenses can be upgraded from the Free edition to the Pro edition at any time from within an installed LPCXpresso IDE.

Free Pro
License fee Free $495
Download limit 256 KB Unlimited
Support Forums 1-Year NXP® email, ticket-based

LPCXpresso Open Source components

LPCXpresso contains Open Source software. To comply with the license requirements for some Open Source software, we must provide users with the ability to download the source code so that the software can be built.

See below for the download links for various Open Source components of LPCXpresso:

GCC (including binutils and Newlib)

MSYS (MSYS sources are not modified by NXP Semiconductors)

Eclipse (Eclipse sources are not modified by NXP Semiconductors)

  • http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
    • LPCXpresso 6 is based on Eclipse Juno (SR2) release
    • LPCXpresso 7 is based on Eclipse Kepler (SR1) release
    • LPCXpresso 7.4 is based on Eclipse Luna (SR1) release

DFU-UTIL (DFU-UTIL is not modified by NXP Semiconductors)