NXP offers the Analog Toolbox, a combination of evaluation boards and reference designs that support analog mixed signal and power solutions. These tools include monolithic ICs using proven high volume SMARTMOS mixed signal technology, and system-in-package devices utilizing power, SMARTMOS, and MCU dies. Our products enable longer battery life, smaller form factor, component count reduction, ease of design, lower system cost and improved performance in powering state of the art systems. We have products for power management, highly integrated I/O, analog interfacing, backlighting, networking, distributed control and power for a wide variety of today's automotive, consumer, medical and industrial products.

NXP provides fast and easy evaluation tools for Analog system solutions and development, fully aligned with MCU tools. Visit the Analog Expert Software and Tools page to learn more about Processor Expert, mbed GUI, Freemaster, SPIgen, Kinetis and S32 analog drivers.

Evaluation Kits