Professional Support for Processors and Microcontrollers

Types of Issues / Requests

These are typical issues that NXP Pro Support can support and, in most cases, completed in 50-hours or less:

  • i.MX, LPC or Kinetis design consultation.
  • Assistance with layout considerations, BOM selection and other design consultations.
  • i.MX Pin Mux review.
  • Schematic review and Board bring-up assistance (remote).
  • i.MX / Kinetis / LPC schematic review and/or board layout review.
  • Bootloader, RootFS, Linux kernel, etc.
  • General Linux or Android BSP support.
  • General MQX or FreeRTOS support.
  • i.MX IPU, VPU and GPU: operation, configuration, optimization or integration support.
  • Security features: operation and configuration.
  • And many more items…

Quotes from our development veterans:

  • There are a lot of fires that would be a lot less difficult had there been access to experts in the early development stages.
  • With all the new i.MX devices coming out, these packages are a great opportunity to ensure customers get started on the right track.

Quotes from some of our Customers:

  • "If we had known this service was available sooner, we would have saved ourselves 10X wasted manpower"
  • "I needed a forum to ask a few questions and get some immediate answers. This is the perfect solution!"
  • "You guys saved my project! I didn’t know how to resolve my boot issues, and you solved it in a few days."