The goal of NXP's Product Longevity program is to ensure a stable supply of products for your embedded designs.

Participating products are available for a minimum of 10 years. Designated participating products developed for the automotive, telecom and medical segments are available for a minimum of 15 years. The product longevity indicated for a particular product is the minimum period NXP will make the product available. Extended periods may be available under certain circumstances.

  • Product availability is measured from NXP’s launch date of the participating product.
  • To maintain the Longevity:
  • NXP may transfer participating products to another manufacturing facility. In this case, NXP will requalify the participating product in the new facility.
  • NXP may require customers to migrate to a product that is form, fit and function compatible with the participating product.
  • NXP may make modifications to maintain security features, mitigate vulnerabilities, or both.

Production of participating products will not automatically be discontinued upon expiration of the Longevity Period and all applicable NXP End of Life and Product Change Notification policies continue to apply.

The participating products, the longevity period, or both are subject to change due to circumstances beyond NXP’s reasonable control.

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